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A patent is a government-granted ability to exclude others from making, selling, or offering for sale a patented invention. In exchange for the exclusive rights, the invention must be disclosed in a manner that allows a person to make and use the invention. Any process, machine, composition of matter, or manufactured item can be patented so long as it is new and useful. Utility patent application protects the functionality, features and the way a product is made, whereas design application protects the appearance and ornamental features of the product.

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Experienced Representation In Patent Law

Attorney Roland Tong is a true patent practitioner. Unlike other intellectual property attorneys who are not admitted to practice before the USPTO, he can represent individuals and businesses before a patent examiner and can assist with all aspects of patent law. Examples of his past work in this area include the following:

  • Has represented many startup companies and assisted them in getting patent pending status, which helped them obtain funding.
  • Has represented slot machine and gaming machine manufacturers and assisted them in building their patent portfolios.
  • Has assisted a supplier of printer cartridge after-market parts in building their patent portfolio. This provided the products with a competitive edge and made it more attractive, resulting in them being purchased by a large multinational company.
  • Has represented a dental prosthesis manufacturer and assisted in obtaining patents.
  • Has obtained patents for various software applications.
  • Has assisted various table wagering game developers in obtaining patents.

Guiding You Through The Patent Application Process From Start To Finish

If you have an idea or item that you would like to patent, attorney Roland Tong can handle the application process from start to finish and ensure that the application complies with patent statutes and regulations. Upon filing the application, you will be provided with an automatic patent pending status. This is especially important for startup companies that want to pitch their product or service to investors who look for this status to ensure that barriers to entry are in place and the product is safe from being stolen or copied by others.

Promptly Documenting Conception Of Ideas And Obtaining IP Rights For Them

If you are in a technology company or an innovative business employing engineers and scientists to invent on a daily basis, Roland Tong, Patent Attorney for Manning, & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP can help your company secure ownership to each invention. Attorney Roland Tong has taught various research and development personnel on how to properly document the conception of their ideas, and how to obtain priority claim over their inventions.

In many cases, companies fail to capitalize on their inventions, the inventions just remain in the notebooks of their engineers or scientists. Even worse, competitors obtain patent rights on the same invention, or one that is similar preventing companies from exercising the invention, even if their employees may have invented it first. Attorney Roland Tong can ensure that the inventions are “harvested” in a timely manner and that the associated exclusive rights are obtained, which can be powerful in the marketplace.

Protecting Companies From Employee Theft Of Technology

Employee theft of proprietary technology is rampant and is a big concern, especially when employees bring over the technology to competing companies. Companies have relied on Roland Tong to ensure that the intellectual property rights are owned by the company as opposed to the employee inventor and are assigned to the company. Attorney Roland Tong has also helped companies secure their trade secrets.

Preventing Loss Of IP Rights Through Public Disclosure Such As Trade Shows

Many companies have relied on Roland Tong to make sure they preserve their intellectual property rights both in the United States and abroad over products they display during trade shows. Certain countries are absolute novelty countries, which means that if a public disclosure happens before a patent application is filed, the patent rights over the invention are lost. Attorney Roland Tong has helped many companies file provisional applications, utility applications, or Patent Cooperation Treaty Applications, all of which are geared towards preserving intellectual property rights in the Unites States and overseas.

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