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Results-Oriented Trademark Litigation Representation

Trademarks and trade dress may have enormous inherent value for a business. Trademark litigation usually boils down to the protection of marks and the preservation of successful ways of doing business — or defending against assertions that infringement or other wrongdoing has occurred.

Trademark litigation that threatens a company’s success calls for skilled legal guidance. It calls for focused representation that is as cost-effective as possible. Complete an online contact form, call 949-298-6867 or text 949-331-2889 to schedule a consultation with proven intellectual property attorney, Roland Tong.

Offering Skilled Advocacy Throughout Trademark Disputes

Roland Tong, Attorney and Partner of Manning, & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP provides advice and result-oriented counsel in trademark disputes. He represents parties in complex trademark litigation involving:

  • Trade dress infringement
  • Seizure of counterfeit goods
  • Cancellation of trademarks that violate (or allegedly violate) existing trademarks
  • Opposition, a process that typically involves one party trying to stop another party seeking registration of a trademark
  • Concurrent use rights
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) proceedings, which can address competition and concurrent use agreements
  • Domestic and international trademarks

Equipped with extensive legal and technical knowledge and a proven commitment to responsive client service, he provides solutions to very difficult problems involving intellectual property.

Trademark Protection Lawyer Serving Orange County

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