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Guiding Clients Through The Patent Search Process

Roland Tong, Attorney and Partner of Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP offers various patent searching services, depending on your purpose. These services include novelty search, accelerated examination search, freedom-to-operate search, and patent search for validity studies. The firm’s standard turn-around time is typically 10 working days; however, 5-day or 24-hour expedited search services are available if needed.

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Novelty Search

Attorney Roland Tong offers novelty searching to allow you find relevant prior art and determine whether your invention can be patented. Mr. Tong uses the Examiner’s Application Search Tool (EAST) at the Alexandria Public Search Room.

This is the same system that Patent Examiners at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) use when examining your patent application. EAST allows Mr. Tong to perform class and subclass searching with full integrity. Attorney Tong typically combines class and subclass searching with Keyword and Boolean search strategies to obtain quality results. He also uses the Patent Image Retrieval tool.

Mr. Tong typically accesses the USPTO, EPO, JPO, and Derwent Patent World Index (DWPI) and the US Published Patent Application databases in doing their novelty searches. He may search the Examiner’s foreign art collection when available. He is equipped to provide you with a patent attorney-written patentability opinion as well as copies of all the relevant references he found.

Accelerated Examination Search

If you want to submit your application through the accelerated examination program, Mr. Tong can provide you with accelerated examination searches.

Freedom To Operate Search

Attorney Tong also offer freedom-to-operate searches if you want to assess the risk of your product infringing an active patent. He can complement his search with a freedom-to-operate opinion, which may help you disprove allegations of willful infringement in the future.

Patent Search For Validity Studies

If you are threatened or accused of infringement, Mr. Tong can search for patents that can invalidate the patent(s) being asserted. He may use additional databases besides the USPTO, EPO, JPO, and Derwent Patent World Index (DWPI) and US Published Patent Application databases. For instance, he may use internet postings, publications of government research facilities, such as the Library of Congress, NIH, and FDA, and publications from various foreign patent offices.

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Attorney Roland Tong handles patent, trademark, and other intellectual property needs for clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California.

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