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Construction Defect Litigation And Resolution

The term “construction defect” brings to mind physical defects, such as stairs not built to code, walls buckling, roofs collapsing and plumbing bursting. However, omissions and errors in construction projects and product quality may also be considered defects, such as:

  • A project delay with great financial consequences to the customer
  • Failure to follow environmental regulation requirements, such as testing soil for contaminants
  • Failure to build according to design specifications
  • Failure to adhere to industry standards

In construction defect litigation as in many other large-scale legal actions, it is important not to lose sight of the ultimate goal: protection of value. Winning a lawsuit is not normally a win if the costs outweigh the benefits.

When you bring your construction defect legal problems in Southern California to , you can count on an honest exploration of your options as well as cost-benefit analysis from the start.

The Path To Resolution

Whether the losses are tangible and potentially hazardous or involve failed expectations with regard to contracts and building codes, a review by an experienced construction litigation attorney is the first step toward resolution. Roland will conduct a thorough review of building codes, contract terms and regulatory requirements associated with the building or project in question.

The best way forward in a construction litigation case will depend on many factors, such as:

  • When the defect was discovered
  • How much damage the defect has caused
  • What types of contracts, implied warranties or regulations may have been broken
  • The time and expense it might take to truly correct the defect and undo the damage done by a construction defect

Regardless of which side of a dispute you are on, you may discover paths to resolution that you did not expect to find, such as through counterclaims or the discovery of negligence by a third party.

Turn To A Proven Litigator

Attorney Roland Tong brings an uncommon depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to the table in any litigation matter. In his 20 years of experience, he previously served as general counsel to a multimillion-dollar company for which he managed difficult cases. He has spent much of his time litigating issues in federal court, earning him keen insight into the processes there. He will consult with appropriate experts and even engage co-counsel as necessary to strengthen your position in any construction defect or real estate litigation matter.

To schedule a consultation and review your options as a plaintiff or defendant in a construction defect case in California, call at 1+877-426-8182 or send a quick message.