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Attorney Roland Tong focuses a large portion of their his practice on computer related patents and their patent attorney works with clients to register, protect, enforce and defend all United States and international rights. Complete an online contact form or call 949-298-6867 to schedule a consultation at the firm’s Irvine area offices.

Attorney Roland Tong can assist in such diverse technologies as:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Communication devices and methods
  • Software programs and computer equipment, including hardware, internet technologies, MPEG & DVD related devices
  • Computer accessories, including new media, media storage, new cables, new connectors, new audio and video players
  • Gaming devices and slot machines
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Mechanical and optics software
  • Medical products software

Attorney Roland Tong can prepare applications for software patents and offer clients legal advice and counsel in software development, helping to define and properly register a claim with the broadest scope of protection possible.

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If you need patent legal services for your software or hardware, complete an online contact form or call 949-298-6867 to schedule an initial consultation.