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Ask An IP Lawyer About Legal Protection Of Your Inventions

If you are serious about developing and marketing a new invention, this is something worth talking with an IP attorney about. You may already be in business making or selling goods and you have ideas for expanding your product line. Or perhaps you are an amateur craftsperson who is ready to make and market things on a larger scale than just making things for friends.

The fact that you are wondering about this is a good sign that some legal advice could help provide the direction you need to take the next steps forward.

Who Is A Good Candidate For IP Advice And Assistance?

You may be a small-business owner looking to add more variety to your product line. For example:

  • You may modify existing training aids for various sports, such as golf and fitness firearms and seek a patent for them.
  • You may manufacture toys for children and want to add toys for pets to your product line, or you may make dog collars and want to add pet toys to your list of goods for wholesale.

Alternatively, you may have a full-time occupation as well as a hobby that is now developing into a side hustle; for example:

  • Your hobby or side hustle may be related to your job. For example, you may be a construction worker who has come up with an innovative tool.
  • Your side hustle may have nothing to do with your job, but rather, your home life. Perhaps you make uniquely functional garden sheds and more and more neighbors are asking to buy sheds just like the ones you have made for others.
  • You may be retired and as your leisure activities expand, you have thought up gadgets such as a device related to your golfing, horseback riding or hiking.

Any of these examples demonstrate that someone is very likely ready to get legal advice on patents and trademarks.

If The Answer Is You, Take The Next Step Now

To save time and move forward with purpose, consult with an IP attorney. Get a clear understanding of what types of IP protection you need and how to apply for them most efficiently when you talk to Roland Tong, Attorney and Partner of Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP.

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