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Common Questions About Business Conflicts And Resolutions

At Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP, clients are treated as partners in pursuit of a common goal.  Roland Tong, Attorney and Partner of Manning, & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP will guide you toward a beneficial, cost-effective resolution of your business dispute. Meanwhile, you can count on timely, honest and relevant answers to your questions such as those below.

What does a breach of contract claim encompass in a business context?

If your business partner, supplier, subcontractor or another party fails to honor all terms of a written or oral agreement, this may amount to breach of contract. In a damage claim, you may seek to recover financial losses or compensation for other types of losses that went along with the breach of contract.

How does one prove negligence in a business dispute?

Negligence may mean that a business partner, customer or another party did not follow accepted standards of conduct. For example, the owner of a storage facility may have failed to prevent a power outage or have mitigation plans in place to deal with power outages outside their control. If any such failure resulted in the spoilage of products that you had there in a rented warehouse, you may be able to bring a damage claim against the property owner with negligence as the cause of action.

What types of warranties are included in a breach of warranty claim?

A product – such as equipment – may have come with written warranties. If the equipment malfunctions and a user experiences losses as a result, there may be cause for a breach of warranty claim if the manufacturer does not make good on the warranty. An implied warranty may be, for example, a reasonable assumption that a roof will not cave in during a typical storm.

What is strict liability in business terms?

In a strict liability case, a seller, service provider or builder should compensate a buyer, client or customer regardless of whether the actions or failures to act that caused those losses were intentional.

What types of statutory issues are involved in business disputes?

A large body of laws govern business activities in California. These laws cover issues that include taxation, deceptive business practices, antitrust issues, fraud, insurance, liability, civil rights and more. If your business is under investigation or has been accused of breaking laws, you need legal advice right away.

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