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Examples of the 3 types of patents

Having a patent on an invention or idea is important when a company or individual inventor wants to protect his or her right to make money off of the invention or idea. The patent will prevent competitors from stealing the idea and making money on it themselves. It will also protect the patent-holder's right to receive royalty payments for the use of the invention.

Comic-Con prevails in trademark suit

Comic-Con International -- which holds comic and gaming conventions throughout the world -- has prevailed in a recent trademark dispute with a rival convention operating in Utah. In its trademark infringement lawsuit, Comic-Con International claimed that it held exclusive rights to the name, "comic con."

Create a policy to protect your trade secrets

Many businesses thrive because of the trade secrets they own. These trade secrets, if stolen by an unscrupulous employee, could be used to compete unfairly with the business -- and affect its bottom line. A such, business owners should create a policy to protect their trade secrets.

Los Angeles house band accuses H&M of patent infringement

"Classixx" is a Los Angeles house band that has enjoyed a considerable amount of global success. The band has recently gotten involved in a legal dispute after clothing H&M began selling sweaters with its band name proudly featured on them. Classixx said that it never gave H&M permission to list its band name and now the band has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against H&M in the U.S. District Court in the Central District of California.

United States International Trade Commission: Section 337

The United States International Trade Commission has the power to conduct "Section 337 investigations." These investigations relate to alleged intellectual property rights violations. For example, perhaps an imported product or good infringes upon another company's or individual's trademark or patent. The International Trade Commission would conduct a Section 337 investigation to look into the matter.

The Great Strawberry Fight reaches peace accords

An intellectual property lawsuit has been settled between the University of California and a strawberry-growing operation. UC Davis alleged in the lawsuit that the strawberry growers -- California Berry Cultivars (CBC) -- stole its proprietary strawberry plants in order to gain distinct advantages in California's strawberry industry.

What damages can I claim in a copyright infringement suit?

Perhaps someone stole a piece of written work that you created. Perhaps someone stole a film, photograph or another work of art from you that you registered with the United States Copyright Office. Regardless how it happened, if you've been the target of copyright infringement, you may be able to pursue financial compensation in court for the harm that was done.

Kim Kardashian's company sued over alleged patent violations

A company owned by Kim Kardashian, Kimsaprincess Inc., is facing a patent infringement lawsuit. According to the complaint, a man filed to patent an "integrated lighting accessory" to be incorporated with a mobile phone case. Later, the man licensed his light-up phone case invention to Snaplight.

Intellectual property goes far beyond trademarks

Trademarks are often at the center of intellectual property disputes, but don't make the mistake of assuming the law doesn't offer even more protections. Intellectual property is defined fairly widely and can encompass many things that could be critical for your business.

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