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Immigration Services From An Immigrant Attorney

The immigration process in the United States is highly complex. It is completely understandable if you find yourself confused, frustrated or even angered by how complicated it can be to obtain a green card, visa or achieve citizenship status. No matter your immigration goals, one thing is certain: having a knowledgeable attorney guiding you through the process can make all the difference in achieving a desirable outcome.

Attorney Roland Tong has years of experience navigating the immigration system. In fact, as a native of the Philippines, he has personally faced many of the issues that confront you in your journey. He can provide you with attentive service, sound legal counsel and skilled representation, helping you avoid making mistakes in your immigration applications that place your goals in jeopardy.

Full-Service Immigration Practice

Mr. Tong is available to handle all types of immigration cases for our clients in Irvine, California and beyond, including:

  • Employment based immigration, including H1-B visas for specialty occupations and O1 visas for extraordinary abilities
  • US citizenship and naturalization
  • Family based immigration, including permanent residence and adjustment of status

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You can look forward to attorney Roland Tong listening to you about your circumstances, learning about your goals, and helping you understand the process for achieving them. Call 949-298-6867 or email the firm to schedule a consultation.