Experienced Representation In Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Proceedings

Intellectual property litigation usually occurs in federal civil court. In some cases, trademark disputes are heard before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), an administrative body charged with overseeing what can be thought of as "semi-litigation" regarding trademarks.

Representation in TTAB proceedings calls for specialized experience and knowledge on the part of lawyers involved in them. Because the stakes can be high, it is important to handle these administrative proceedings properly the first time. Complete an online contact form or call 949-298-7840 to schedule a consultation at the firm's Irvine area offices.

Expert Guidance In TTAB Proceedings

Irvine TTAB proceedings attorney Roland Tong devotes part of his focused intellectual property practice to helping California businesses protect their trademark rights by navigating TTAB proceedings in Southern California. His experience includes representation of companies on both sides of:

  • Cancellation matters: A cancellation case can involve a senior trademark registrant being challenged by a junior registrant that wishes to cancel a trademark registration. If the junior registrant can prove it was the first party to use trademark in commerce, it can cancel out the senior party's trademark.
  • Concurrent rights cases: Sometimes a new company applies for a trademark and is rejected by the USPTO because of a senior trademark registration. This often leads to conflict between the new company and the senior registrant. The new company may threaten to pursue cancellation of the senior registrant's mark if the senior registrant refuses to enter into a concurrent use agreement. If the senior registrant enters into a concurrent use agreement, the USPTO may allow the new business to obtain a registration. Before entering into a concurrent use agreement, your company may want to talk to a lawyer about any potential consequences of doing so.

As an attorney who concentrates on intellectual property law, he has extensive experience with trademarks related to computer technologies, gaming devices, mechanical devices, medical devices, nutritional supplements, pet products, printer cartridges and other areas.

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