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For Peace Of Mind, Plan Your Estate Planning Attorney Craft Your Comprehensive Estate Plan

The best time to write a will, create a trust or put powers of attorney in place is when you have no reason to believe that you need such documents anytime soon. Since no one knows when the time may come, a comprehensive estate plan should be an integral part of financial planning and asset management for any adult. A carefully crafted estate plan can be worth far more than anyone would imagine. Peace of mind alone is a powerful reason to invest time and resources in estate planning.

Select The Right Solutions With The Help Of The Right Lawyer

Serving Orange County and nearby communities, Attorney Roland Tong offers personalized service to clients throughout the Los Angeles metro area and Southern California. He helps clients customize their estate plans, which may include any combination of the following:

  • A will (simple or complex)
  • One or more trusts to protect assets and minimize tax liability
  • A pour-over will to protect properties accidentally let out of the trust
  • One or more powers of attorney/a health care directive
  • Powers of appointment
  • Special needs trust
  • Common trust

He can help ensure that you are addressing all contingencies in our estate plan. This includes a review of special considerations such as the following:

  • Avoidance of probate
  • Avoidance of the court appointing a guardian for your child
  • Avoidance of the court appointing a conservator if you become disabled
  • Avoidance of inheritance tax or gift tax
  • A business succession plan
  • Detailed, specific provisions in your will for the passing on of your gun collection or other collectibles

He is also available to help you establish a guardianship or conservatorship for your aging parents, an adult child with disabilities or addiction or anyone in your family who needs protection.

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Explore estate planning options and get your testamentary documents and other legal strategies in place. To request an appointment at your convenience, call Attorney Roland Tong at 949-298-6867 or complete an online inquiry. Initial meetings with attorney Tong are available at no cost and without obligation.