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Business Counsel For Your Corporate Transactions

Every business will encounter situations that require the help of a knowledgeable attorney. Many businesses understand how important having legal representation is but cannot justify the cost of having an internal legal department on the payroll. In Southern California, you can turn to a proven attorney to handle all of your general counsel needs with a focus on finding smart solutions for protecting your legal and financial interests.

Offering A Comprehensive Range Of Services

Roland Tong, Attorney and Partner of Manning, & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP, served as general counsel for a multimillion-dollar company, litigating, managing and supervising outside counsel in several crucial cases. Today, he offers corporate and commercial services including:

  • Business formation and entity selection (LLC, partnerships, corporations, etc.)
  • Drafting and reviewing various agreements, such as nondisclosure agreements, buy/sell agreements, and operating agreements
  • Amending your organization’s documents
  • Contracts with suppliers, vendors, contractors, and customers
  • Reviewing marketing and advertising documents against false advertising claim and intellectual property infringement claims
  • Business dispute resolution
  • Business succession planning

You can rely on attorney Roland Tong to handle these legal issues, freeing you to devote your time and resources to operating your business. He has decades of experience offering legal advice, counsel and representation to a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses in Irvine, in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. With his experience and the firm’s resources on your side, you do not have to choose between having the legal representation you need and being prudent with your financial resources.

Speak To An Attorney About Your Business and Corporate Law Needs

If you are seeking a Southern California lawyer with experience protecting the legal rights, financial interests and possessions of businesses, send an email or call 949-298-6867 to schedule a consultation with attorney Roland Tong.