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Preparing to pass on a business

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Estate planning

Owning a business can be an exciting way to support yourself and your family. While there are parts of running a business that can be challenging and stressful, your company gives you the ability to be your own boss as you provide for the future of your family.

Part of planning for the future of your business is knowing who will take over after you retire. Creating a succession plan ensures that your company can continue providing for your family and the community long after you pass the reins to someone else.

Here are a few things you should consider as you create a succession plan for your business.

Consider your options

Often, when it comes to creating a business succession plan, the first instinct is to consider your children or other relatives to take over your company. Although you may want to pass on the stability of your business, your first choice may not be the best fit.

As you consider who will take over your company, you may want to make a list of those who may be interested and those who may be a good fit and talk to them about the future of the business. Conversations like these can help you and the people you are considering get on the same page about when you expect to retire and what you want for the business.

Training your protégé

One advantage to creating your succession plan early is that you can prepare your successor for their transition into your role. Starting early means you can help the next owner learn from your years in the business.

As you consider your transition plan, you may want to consider education and experiences that would have been valuable to you when you were getting started. There are several elements to consider when creating a succession plan, and you should talk to a skilled professional about making a comprehensive plan for your business.