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December 2017 Archives

Apple Hill growers fight over the area's famous name

Apple Hill is a lovely place to grow fresh veggies. The soil is fertile, the apples are juicy, the pumpkins are extra-orange and the Christmas trees are rich evergreen. However, a trademark dispute has erupted in this beautiful Northern California town. The disagreement relates to how the name "Apple Hill" can be used by those who want to sell their farm produce grown in the area.

Not your parent’s cease-and-desist letter

Cease-and-desist letters have been around forever. For those of you not in the know, a cease-and-desist letter is a document sent to an individual or a business telling them to stop (cease) and do not restart (desist) said activity. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean a lawsuit is in the works, the letter is meant to be a warning that if said activity continues, legal action could be forthcoming.

Comic-Con prevails in trademark suit

Comic-Con International -- which holds comic and gaming conventions throughout the world -- has prevailed in a recent trademark dispute with a rival convention operating in Utah. In its trademark infringement lawsuit, Comic-Con International claimed that it held exclusive rights to the name, "comic con."

Is my trademark name original enough?

Inventing a new trademark isn't easy. You'll want to consider a lot of different factors before you settle on one -- not the least of these factors being the originality and uniqueness of the mark. You'll also want to consider how well the mark describes your business or product and what your business or product could potentially grow toward one day.

Plaintiff may sue Jay-Z using Egyptian legal theory

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has just heard an appeal by an Egyptian man who wants to protect his uncle's legacy. There's no doubt that Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) and music producer Timbaland (Timothy Mosley) sampled Baligh Hamdi's "Khosara Khosara" in the hit "Big Pimpin'."

How do I perform a patent search?

The first step in any patent process is the creation of an idea or invention that you need to patent. The second step is performing a search to see if a patent already exists for your idea or invention. Obviously, if someone has already patented the idea, you can't patent it or profit off it -- and it will be time to go back to the drawing board.

Create a policy to protect your trade secrets

Many businesses thrive because of the trade secrets they own. These trade secrets, if stolen by an unscrupulous employee, could be used to compete unfairly with the business -- and affect its bottom line. A such, business owners should create a policy to protect their trade secrets.

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