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Kim Kardashian’s company sued over alleged patent violations

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2017 | Uncategorized

A company owned by Kim Kardashian, Kimsaprincess Inc., is facing a patent infringement lawsuit. According to the complaint, a man filed to patent an “integrated lighting accessory” to be incorporated with a mobile phone case. Later, the man licensed his light-up phone case invention to Snaplight.

The lawsuit alleges that the invention has suffered financially due to Kim Kardashian’s promotion of the LuMee light-up phone case on her social media accounts. Also named in the lawsuit as a defendant is Urban Outfitters, which sells the LuMee. The lawsuit, filed by Snaplight, is asking for $100 million in compensation for patent infringement violations.

LuMee has also filed a lawsuit against Snaplight, saying that Snaplight is infringing on its own patent. A representative for Kim Kardashian said, “The patent lawsuit filed by Snap Light has no merit and is just another attempted shakedown. Kim has done absolutely nothing wrong.”

LuMee reiterated the claim that the litigation has no merit, stating again that “Kim has done nothing wrong.” LuMee argues that it was the first to take the illuminated cellphone case to market. It also stated that with its trademarks and patents, it has sound intellectual property rights over its line of products.

Intellectual property disputes and other disputes of this nature can involve claims of millions of dollars. In some situations, these claims are meritorious, and in others, they are not. Whether you’re defending against a patent lawsuit or filing one yourself, a California patent law and intellectual property rights attorney can assist you in litigating your claims.

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