Shalini Bhasker

Shalini BhaskerShalini Bhasker is a law student at Loyola Law School in downtown Los Angeles with over eight years of experience in the technology and pharmaceutical industries. Having graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor's in Science in Chemistry, she began her career managing clinical trials for some of the leading pharmaceutical companies before moving into product management for a couple of the largest technology companies in the greater Los Angeles area. As a product manager Ms. Bhasker worked with both enterprises and small business to help them build strategies for their business needs around employee management and marketing solutions catering to the specific demands that technological developments were imposing upon their verticals. Having acquired a significant amount of experience managing domestic and international demands for a wide variety of businesses, Ms. Bhasker is now working on completing her Juris Doctorate as her first step to being a contributing member of the legal community.