Providing Representation In Orange County Business Disputes

Business disputes are common among businesses. They arise in various contexts. Suppliers or vendors may fail to deliver and break their promises to deliver quality products. Customers may refuse to pay because of a billing dispute. Former or current employees and contractors may leave their places of work with customer lists and proprietary business techniques, formulas, and strategies. Insurance companies may fail to provide coverage, and partners or shareholders may develop conflicting interests. Competitors may choose to engage in unfair competition, business disparagement, or interfere with their competitors' businesses.

When business disputes get overly complex and out of control, the Law Offices of Roland Tong, PC should be your law firm of choice. Complete an online contact form or call 949-298-7840 to schedule a consultation at the firm's Irvine area offices.

Working To Resolve All Business Disputes Efficiently And Effectively

A business lawsuit can serve as a major disruption in running a business. Principals of companies are often asked to produce documents, answer interrogatories, and attend depositions rather than focus on growing their companies' operations and revenues.

The Law Office of Roland Tong will tailor strategies to minimize disruptions to the principals of your company and your company as a whole through the complaint, discovery, summary judgment, and trial stages. The firm's legal representation will be aggressive and thorough. The firm will employ highly experienced attorneys and legal resources to represent your business with an eye towards efficiency and your budget. The Law Office of Roland Tong can help you navigate through a resolution — whether it is through negotiations, mediation, arbitration, settlement, or trial — in the quickest, most efficient, most economical and least business disruptive manner.

The business disputes the firm handles include:

  • Fraud
  • Misrepresentation
  • Conversion
  • Theft
  • Unfair Competition
  • Business Interference
  • Breach of Contract
  • Partnership Disputes

Get Help From An Experienced Lawyer

The firm's principal attorney, Roland Tong, served as a General Counsel for a multi-million dollar company where he litigated, managed, and supervised outside counsel in several business litigation cases. He also worked as a partner and shareholder at several law firms throughout Southern California where he was part of litigation teams that worked on lawsuits where millions of dollars or the existence of the companies were at stake.

For representation in your business dispute, please complete an online contact form or by calling 949-298-7840.